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A little about us...

We love mahogany boats, and are simply passionate about them. After more than twenty years and a hundred restorations we know what we're doing, and share the same pride in these boats when finished as their owners do.

We're old school the way we do business. We do what we say we're going to do, don't cut corners, and restore these boats as if they were our own. We do all our restorations on a mutual understanding of what's to be done and a handshake.

Our goal is visual authenticity, restoring these boats as they came out of the factory. Will we make changes or modifications if the owner requests it? Of course. We use only the best products on the market, whether it's modern adhesives, fasteners, lumber, stains, varnish, and/or paints.

We listen to our clients, and keep them informed on every process of the restoration. In the end, we want them to be pleased with the restoration and the process. Our goal is to give clients a safe, reliable, and beautiful boat to enjoy with family and friends.


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