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Most boaters know the engine is the ‘heart’ of any boat. That’s especially true in our vintage powerboats. No matter how good your restoration, if your boat’s engine is unreliable or just plain tired and doesn’t have that pep anymore you really can’t enjoy your boat as you should. It can also be embarrassing when someone wants to go for a ride in your mahogany beauty and she won’t start. Hard starts, rough idling, and failure to reach factory RPMs are a good indication your engine needs some professional attention. Why not give it a ‘complete makeover’. Whether you have a Chris-Craft A, B, K, M, 283 series, or any Century Gray, Ford Interceptor, or Cadillac power we can remanufacture your engine to run and look as good as new.

We generally advise 12-volt conversions and the installation of electronic ignition (hidden in the distributor cap). This greatly improves starting, idling, and much better performance at high RPMs. No more need to clean your cap and points. Not only will your remanufactured engine run like new, she will look as good as she runs. You can be proud to open your engine hatch for all to see. Can also do simple tune-ups, repairs, transmission adjustments, and cosmetic touch-ups if that’s all you want.

Bring us your boat and we’ll pull the engine for you, complete the re-manufacture, re-install, and test under load (spring, summer, and fall only). Or just bring your engine. Either way we can have your boat running like she’s supposed to. Call or email for price estimate and schedules.

FYI: Make sure your fuel tank is properly cleaned (sandblasted) and sealed. Even a restored engine will not run correctly if tank corrosion is working its way into your engine. We can handle that for you as well.